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The myWSU portal is a simple and easy-to-use tool for accessing the web resources you need to fulfill your goals with WSU. Based on your affiliation with the university, it anticipates what you may need by providing you a personalized default set of resources. These resources can be changed and customized by you according to your preferences.

WSU students, faculty, and staff can use the portal. The portal will display different information based on your role at WSU. Content can be reorganized and customized. However, it's not just students/faculty/staff who can use the portal! Parents and friends can also use the portal by creating a Friend ID account here, and by requesting authorization to access services such as making payments on behalf of their student.

myWSU is a web-based portal, so it can be used from any computer with an Internet connection.

Navigate to and enter your WSU Network ID and password.

Your myWSU portal username is your WSU Network ID (NID). Every current student, faculty, and employee must have a NID and password, used for access to most campus systems including the myWSU Portal, wireless, and local networks. Certain affiliates are eligible for a Friend ID.
Click here to create a NID or FID.

Parents or other third parties need to be granted Third Party Access by the WSU student.
More Third Party Access information is available here.

To reset a forgotten password, click here.
To change your password, click here.

If you are having trouble logging into the portal, please click here to reset your password. If you have other technical questions, please contact the WSU Help Desk by phone (509-335-HELP),
email (

It is recommended that for the best user experience, you sign in through the myWSU portal to access campus systems instead of the traditional websites.

Oracle has certified Internet Explorer 7 or 8, Mozilla FireFox 3.0 or higher, and Safari 5.0 or higher. You can access the Portal using other web browsers (like Google Chrome) that are not certified by Oracle, but you may be required to give permission to view some content or navigate to secured sites.

Yes! There are two ways to view training in the myWSU Portal. Video tutorials are available here., and if you prefer, there are also PDF files available with step-by-step instructions, found here.

Inside the portal, on the bottom of the page, there is a link called "Feedback." Clicking on this link will open an email to Please send an email to this address, expressing your concern. The email will be sent to the portal team, where they will look into your concern and respond to you.

Yes. Some portal default features will appear for every student, faculty or staff the first time they sign on, however there are many features that can be added or removed at the user's discretion by clicking the "Layout" and "Content" links in the top right corner of the portal.

No, it is not campus specific. Although each user will see a campus-specific set of default content in their portal, based on their campus affiliation through Active Directory.

Tabs are the central way to navigate the myWSU portal. Each user will have a default tab called "Student," "Faculty," or "Staff." Each user will also have a "My Page" tab, and perhaps additional tabs dependent on their role with the University. For example, a Vet Med student will see a "College of Veterinary Medicine" tab in the portal.

Pagelets are the newspaper-style information boxes that appear on your tabs. Most pagelets can be reorganized, removed, and added according to the user's preference. The only pagelet that cannot be customized is the "Notices" pagelet. This pagelet is required and fixed. The little buttons on the top bar of each pagelet can be used to Refresh, Edit, Minimize, or Delete the pagelet. Pagelets can be ordered into two or three columns by clicking the "Layout" link. To watch a tutorial or view a PDF explaining how to do so, click here.

The portal's default tabs will be set for each user based on their Active Directory affiliation. Accordingly, if an individual is both a staff member and a student, they will see both a "Student" and a "Staff" tab. If there is a problem with your affiliation, please contact

No, there is no limit.

Favorites are the functions you use most often inside the portal. For example, a student who mostly uses the myWSU portal for registration and grades will notice that those two functions add themselves to their favorites. You can also add to your Favorites manually by clicking Favorites and choosing "Add to Favorites."

Authorized people from colleges, departments, and student groups..

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed is a source of updates for a given website. News websites often have RSS feeds from which users can be sent news headlines as they are published. As desired, users can add a feed to the "Feed Reader" pagelet found on the "My Page" tab in the portal. To view a PDF explaining how to do so, click here.

The portal contains a Pullman (or urban campus) Calendar which displays events from the WSU Events and WSU Academic calendars. With time, there will be other calendars available to view in the portal. Additionally, the myWSU Portal allows you to integrate multiple calendars using the "My Events" pagelet. To watch a tutorial click here. Or to view a PDF explaining how to do so, click here.

The My Events calendar pagelet is a way to integrate multiple calendars to view in one pagelet. To add calendars to "My Events," view My Events in full page view, and click "Go to My Calendars." This is where you can add/delete calendars and customize your view.

There is currently a link under the Main Menu to the Live email that students can follow to log in and view their mail. The portal team is currently working with Microsoft to make this a single sign-on process in the future.

Yes, Angel is available.

Yes, myWSU is single sign-on.

Those applications that can integrate with ADFS/Oracle have single sign-on.

Each individual user controls the content on their Student/Faculty/Staff and My Page tabs, through the Layout and Content links in the portal. The content in the colleges tabs (College of Education, for example) is maintained by the colleges themselves.

Notices are only messages that must have a receipt confirmation for HIPPA/FERPA purposes or for important university functions. Notices will display on the Student/Faculty/Staff tab in the portal. You can also choose to receive your Notices through email or text message. To do so, choose your cell phone carrier from the drop-down list. If your carrier is not present, you will be limited to receiving Notices via email. Notices will also be available in the myWSU portal, in the "Notices" pagelet. To choose your method of delivery, go to Main Menu/My Profile/Update Notice preference.

Announcements are general university information sent mostly through WSU Announcements. Other announcements will be displayed in Department or College-specific pagelets.

You do not need to provide your cell phone number for Notices. You may receive notices via email, if you prefer. However, you will need to provide your mobile phone number to receive Notices via text message. This system is separate from the WSU Alerts system, which sends text messages in the event of an emergency.

You can navigate to the portal using your mobile device, but not all functionality is currently available via mobile web. The portal team is working on making the portal more compatible with mobile usage.

Yes, students will vote in ASWSU elections through the myWSU portal as they did with the old MyWSU system. ASWSU will communicate election instructions as they have previously, through email and the Daily Evergreen and/or through a pagelet assigned to ASWSU.

Yes. Click on the "Sign Out" link when you are finished using the portal.

You can use your RSS Feeds pagelet to integrate your news feeds from Facebook and Twitter. The Portal team is currently working on creating specialized pagelets for both Facebook and Twitter.

OrgSync and RSO portal exist outside of the myWSU portal.

Yes. We send and receive data from the myWSU portal using a secure HTTP connection.

Yes. You can bookmark a link to but you will need to log in each time you use the portal.